Seafood Paella (paella de marisco)

Seafood Paella, one of the most memorable things from a family vacation to Spain a few years back. I even learned how to say Paella correctly, pie-ay-ya.

Now back in Oz, I wanted to replicate this Valencian classic, and produced this recipe with a little trial and error. Quick and simple to make, this delicious dish will take your taste buds straight to the coast of España. Continue reading “Seafood Paella (paella de marisco)”


Baked Queenfish on a bed of sauteed cabbage with rosemary potatoes and tarragon bechamel

There’s nothing quite like super moist fish that’s been baked in the oven, this Queenfish dish, on a bead of sauteed cabbage is both stunning to look at and tasty to eat. Go on…….spoil yourself Continue reading “Baked Queenfish on a bed of sauteed cabbage with rosemary potatoes and tarragon bechamel”

Garam Masala - spice blend

Garam Masala spice blend

Garam Masala spice blend is a corner stone of Indian cuisine, and is widely used through many surrounding countries. Like many spice blends, that have such a wide-reaching spread of countries that use them, there is no such thing as a single blend of spices that makes Garam Masala. Rather, there are numerous variations of this spice blend, each different but all are equally acceptable to be called Garam Masala. Continue reading “Garam Masala spice blend”

Moroccan pork sausage with Prunes

Moroccan pork sausage with prunes

There’s no better sausage than a homemade one. Especially, if you’re looking for flavours that don’t appear in everyday sausages. My Moroccan pork sausage with Prunes combine the spices of Morocco with sweet juicy prunes and you’re in for a flavour sensation that will take your mouth on a voyage of discovery.
Continue reading “Moroccan pork sausage with prunes”

Classic French onion soup menuadventures

Classic French Onion Soup (soupe à l’oignon)

Picture yourself, half frozen, working terrible hours in the produce markets of 18th century Paris. What do you have to look forward to today. How about some hot Classic French Onion Soup, with croutons and Gruyere cheese. That’s sure to warm you up and put a smile on your face. A delicious soup, that’s easy to whip up and tastes great. Continue reading “Classic French Onion Soup (soupe à l’oignon)”


Ras El Hanout – spice blend

Ras el Hanout, is to Moroccan cooks, what Garam Masala is to Indian cuisine or Herbs de Provence is to the French. Just like Garam Masala, there is no single recipe for Ras el Hanout, rather many variations on a theme, that vary from region to region, or even family to family. The literal translation from Arabic, means “Head of the Shop”, but has the meaning of the English saying “Top Shelf”, implying that only rhe best, most expensive, ingredients are used to make this spice blend.

Easy to make at home, this classic Moroccan spice blend can add a little middle eastern twist to any meal, here’s my recipe for Ras el Hanout  Continue reading “Ras El Hanout – spice blend”


Bechamel Sauce – Basic White Sauce

One of Auguste Escoffier’s 5 Mother sauces, Bechamel is a base sauce from which so many classic French sauces begin. Having a perfect Bechamel is an essential skill that any cook, who wants to make authentic traditional dishes, should have.

Today’s hectic life, perpetuates the TV dinner and fast-food explosion witnessed over the last few decades. Many people, all over the world, believe they can’t cook. The thought of making a meal from scratch, with basic ingredients terrifies them.

Consider this though, even the most elaborate dinner, is simply a collection of “elements” that are combined to make a meal. Master the basics and the sky’s the limit.  So here’s my recipe for one of the most versatile sauces in cooking, the Bechamel….. Continue reading “Bechamel Sauce – Basic White Sauce”

Venison Wellington with Roast Chestnut and cranberry duxelles

Venison Wellington with Roast Chestnut and cranberry duxelles

Venison was the meat of kings in olden England. What better way to honour this delicious protein, than to give it the royal treatment and make it into a classic dish, the wellington. This venison version is a twist on the classic beef wellington, with roast chestnut and cranberries added to give it a richness and depth of flavour that truly complements the venison. The cranberries and chestnut give it a real Christmassy note, though this dish can be enjoyed at any time of year. Continue reading “Venison Wellington with Roast Chestnut and cranberry duxelles”