Buddha's Delight

Buddha’s Delight

Buddha’s Delight (Lo Han Jai) – Who knew Tofu could be made to taste so good!

Developed by Buddhist monks, this vegetarian dish was traditionally eaten on the first day of the New Year and has become a popular vegetarian option for many Chinese and oriental themed restaurants around the world. The range of ingredients varies depending on the country, but always contains at least 10 of the freshest available vegetable and fungi, combined with marinated Tofu. Here’s my delicious take on this vegetarian classic  Continue reading “Buddha’s Delight”


Cottage cheese and corn, pancake stacks

If you have guests around and you want to big-up the breakfast wow factor, then serve my Cottage cheese and corn, pancake stacks.

Texture filled pancakes, sweet caramelised banana, luscious smoked bacon with the counterpoint of greek yoghurt and the heat of the habanero. The flavour punch from this little beauty, will have your guests thinking that you’ve hired a personal chef, that they don’t know about, unless you let them in the kitchen, when you’re making this.

Surprisingly easy to make, find out how…. Continue reading “Cottage cheese and corn, pancake stacks”