One pot aromatic pork with rice

One pot aromatic pork with rice

One pot aromatic pork with rice, a really simple recipe that produces excellent results. One pot dishes are quick, convenient and leave little clean-up afterwards.

A delicious pork and rice dish, that’s packed with flavour and loaded with hearty vegetables. Feel free to swap and change the vegetable arounds, to include what you prefer and leave out what you aren’t so fond of.
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Homemade Ploughman's pickle

Ploughman’s pickle.

Ploughman’s pickle (just like Branston’s)

Ploughman’s pickle is one of the quintessential components of the traditional British Ploughman’s Lunch. This tangy tasting pickle is the perfect mix of vegetables and fruit combined with spices and vinegar. Great in sandwiches, with cold meats, at BBQs and as an accompaniment to many meals. It’s uses are limited only by the imagination.

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Braised Wild Rabbit with Red Wine and Shallots

Rabbit…….yeww, I hear you say. But, just wait till you try my Braised Wild Rabbit with Red Wine and Shallots.

Rabbit is a long forgotten protein source, that many today would never have experienced. Wild harvested Rabbit, is an ultra low fat meat that, when cooked correctly, provides a super tasty dinner option that is free. Continue reading “Braised Wild Rabbit with Red Wine and Shallots”